About Sunmo

Sunmo means good living. Life, laugther and food that is nutricious and delicious. Broad smiles. Infectious energy. Quality ingredients in our food, powders, drinks and snacks. Bags of big, bold flavour. It's doing and eating what is natural. 100% natural. And loving every lip-smacking second. It's great food for all. It's Eat good. Feel good. Do good.

Getting nutrition into your diet is evermore important as we live a fast paced technology enhanced lifestyle. Founder of Sunmo Victoria Omobuwajo found herself struggling with Anemia a side effect of iron deficiancy, as well as eczema at a young age. The effects of this is fatigue and also trouble with sleeping, making it difficult to have an energy filled day. It is difficult to get all the essential nutrients from our diets. Cooking can be time consuming, and taking several supplements throughout the day can be tedious.

It was from this pain point that Victoria created Sunmo. To support an active, lifestyle. For gym-goers, people who party hard and work harder, busy and needing the daily nutrients, vitamins and minerals in their diet in an easy way. Sunmo's products from our Protein Powders to drinks and snacks are made from quality plant-based 100% natural ingredients, namely peas, chicory and coconut.

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Food is best when it brings people together

- Victoria Omobuwajo